Irene MacWilliam

Most recent work is first in each category-

Miscellaneous - click on thumbnails for larger image.
new shoes Not Wholly Holey - tiny detail
You can't put a hole where a hole don't belong
3 Dimensional Pieces - thumbnails are details
Optical Illusion - thumbnails are details
All the Journal 2013 pieces are based on striped illusions. There are 2 illusion pieces in Journals 2011 -------- 3 illusion pieces in Journals 2010 ------- 2 illusion pieces in Journals 2009 -------- 9 illusion pieces in Journals 2008 ------- 4 illusion pieces in Journals2007
Social and Environmental - thumbnails are details ---- Latest work is first in the category.
Disappeared detail
Japanese earthquake
Lost Children of War
black and white striped quilt in a maze pattern
little thumbnails from a heavily embroidered piece
Climate Change....Will there be daisies and apples
Play today Pay tomorrow
Fish and Water series ---- Latest work is first thumbnail in the category.
A CD of all 27 Fish and Water works is available for £6.00 which includes P&P (UK). The 53 images are high quality (large images range from approx 9.8 Mb to details of around 1Mb) in a pdf document. If interested please. email.
Inside Out- These pieces are reversed to expose the seams and the construction threads which make a secondary layer of colour. There are more pieces in this series.

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