Irene MacWilliam BEM (for services to Textile Art in Northern Ireland)

Below is a list of work shown on the site.This is only a small selection of my work. Click on title to see the piece.

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5 of Clubs
9 Patch Illusion

A Woman Without a Man is Like a Fish Without a Bicycle - 3 way fish book
All in a Days Work
Alzheimers 1
Alzheimers 2 - Lost Memories of New York


Baglady Bag - 3D piece
Balancing Act - Life???    - black and white striped
Blowing in the Wind
Bulding Blocks of Life

Carbon Footprint   - Climate Change
Children on the Edge
Conversion - recycling plastic bags
Coral Reef
Crossing the Borders

Diagonal Illusion
Disappeared - people and families have been affected all round the world by "The Disappeared"
Ducks 3

Elements- There May Be More
Executed for Example also known as Shot at Dawn

Festivals (British Isles)

Fish Commission for the QGBI
Fish - Evolution... an imaginary take on evolution
Fish Net - 3D piece
Fish Nets on Night Sea
Fish Tank
Flower Bags - 3D piece
Forest Fires on the Mountains
Forward 2 Back 3 - a textile book
Freedom - thinking of the lack of freedom that so many people suffer

Getting Older is No Fun
Global Warming, Grey Earth - Climate Change

Hitchhikers 3 pieces, striped, Elephants and Fish, Snails and Seals, Whales and Cats

If all the World Were Quilters
I Remember I Remember the Little Windows...
It's in the Genes - black and white striped piece

Japanese Earthquake
Journals 2007 - 12 A4 pieces one for each month
Journals 2008 - 12 12 inch square pieces one for each month
Journals 2009 - 12 x 6 inch pieces one for each month
Journals 2010    7x10 inch pieces each month
Journals 2011    10 x 10 inch pieces each month. 1st four had to have a cirle, 2nd four had to have some text, 3rd four had to have a button
Journals 2012      12 A4 pieces, 1st four to be reds, 2nd four to be yellows, 3rd four to be blues
Journals 2013   A4 landscape. To the theme of Stripes
Journals 2014
Journals 2015
Journals 2016
Journals 2017  12 x 12 inch
Journals 2018 7 x 9 inches

Kipper Ties

Life Goes On
Life is Like a Maze - black and white striped piece
Lobster Pot - 3D piece
Locust Mat - Embroidery
Look Once Look Twice- SOLD
Loosing that First Quarter Ppound is the Easy Bit   to do with dieting
Lost Children of War

Memories of Boarding School

Miser's Purse - 3D piece
Mobius Strip- Origins

Nature- set of 6 for Crossing Oceans group shows
Nature Confused - Climate Change
Never Mind a Pencil Mine can Hold a Bathtowel  to do with dieting
New Shoes also called Size is Not Everything
N Nun
North South East West

Not Wholly Holey

Ocean Currents
Overcrowded World

Play 20
Play Today Pay Tomorrow
  - Climate Change
Peace Poppy


Rock Pool
Rose Trellis
Round and Square

Save the Coral Reefs     - Climate Change
Seahorse -
She Sells Sea Shells on the Sea Shore
 Shot at Dawn also called Executed for Example
Sky is the Limit - monthly challenges for this online group
Stomachers - 8 from an ongoing series which now has 28 pieces
String Bowls - 3D pieces

The Tape Measure Never Lies to do with dieting 120 x 31 cns
Tree of Life 1 and 2

Ulster Fry

Vanishing World - 3D globe
Vision of the World

Watching You Watching Me

Weaving Magic
Will There be Poppies, Daisies and Apples When I Grow Up    - Climate Change
Which Came First Chicken or the Egg - Mobius Strip - 3D piece
White House Exposed - 3D piece
White Poppy for Peace
Wonder of Nature

You Can't Put a Hole Where a Hole Don't Belong

Events of the Year Quilts
an ongoing project started in 1986 of producing a wallhanging each year of world events. Each hanging has 20 picture panels.
Last piece in this series is Events of 2012. Not got a photo of it yet....shocking but I hate photographing large hangings. This series has 27 Year Quilts plus 2 Peace Quilts and some other pieces referencing events depicted in them, eg. Japanese earthquake - Fukishima 2011