Irene MacWilliam

Memories of Boarding School 297 x 420 cms
Made for Contemporary Quilt suitcase collection.

This is a song we used to chant at Victoria College Belfast. I have since found out that other schools used to sing it but with the school name changed. If anyone can tell me any more verses please contact me.

This time next week where shall we be
Outside the gates of VCB
No more latin, no more french
No more sitting on a hard old bench
No more spiders in my tea
Making googly eyes at me
No more beetles in my bath
Trying hard to make me laugh
If old Hedgehog interferes
Take her by the left leg
And chuck her down the stairs

VCB …. Victoria College Belfast

Hedgehog….. Miss Hogg the housemistress.

If anyone knows more of this song please email me. I believe similar chants existed in other Belfast schools.