Irene MacWilliam

I was invited by the curator Jane Rollason to join -"Crossing Oceans" an invited group of international artists. The theme of the travelling exhibition was - NATURE. Each artist had to produce 6 pieces measuring 12x24 inches either portrait or landscape. The suggested measurements were modified but I had already designed and made some of my pieces so I kept to that format.
Members of this exhibiting group are: Jane Rollason (UK), Hilary Beattie (UK), Charlotte Yde (Denmark), Irene MacWilliam (Northern Ireland), Bergen Rose (US), Dijanne Cevaal (Australia), Lin Hsin-Chen (Taiwan), Ineke Berlyn (UK), Frieda Anderson (US), Christiane Kuhr (Germany), Elaine Quehl (Canada), Pat Archibald (Scotland) and Kay Haerland (Australia).


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