Irene MacWilliam

I was invited to be a member in Autumn 2011 of an online group.
We made pieces to a given theme. This group folded in Summer of 2016 but I dediced to continue from time to time making work to this size.
Most recent work is at the top.


Robins at War 2

Theme - Proliferate

Robins at War
Theme- Robins

Theme - Under the Sea

It's a Long Way Home
Theme - Long Walk

Life is Full of Ups and Downs
Theme- Up and Down

Theme Fish Tank

Theme - Tree of Life

Get Fit - Rest Less
Theme Restless

Looking Through me
Theme - Through

Theme - Seaside

Who is Confused?

Composting is Kind to the Environment
Theme - Decay
Theme - Decay

Find the opposites (14 of them)
Theme - Opposites

Carpenters Tools
Theme- It's in the Bag

Sticks and stones may break my bones
Theme - Blue

Yellow Abstract
Theme - Abstract

Striped flowers
Theme - Contrast

Wonder of it all
Theme - Cosmos

Theme - Abstract

Beach Combing
Theme - Life at the Beach

Out of the Mists of time
Theme - Architecture

Tiles 4 - (a sun print)
Theme - Light and Dark

Turning Circles
Theme - About Turn

Theme - Breakthrough

Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat
Theme - a poem

Theme - Spring

Theme - Snow

Ash Dieback Disease
Theme - Text

- Opposites

Belfast city centre
Theme - Road maps

Theme- Days of wine and roses

Theme - Dreams

Theme - Dreams

Gillian's Hens
Theme - Inspired by

Theme - Size does not matter

Hot springs
Theme - Hot